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Welcome to Yoga Northwest, voted best in Bellingham 14 years in a row.

We pride ourselves in having some of the most highly trained instructors in the whole Northwest, passionate about sharing their love of Iyengar Yoga with you, in a supportive, caring and encouraging environment.

We are happy to announce that we can still share all the wonderful gifts of yoga with you via Online classes. And we look forward to helping you with Yoga, Breath and Awareness to strengthen your immune system, recharge your energy and calm your heart, while you navigate through this rocky landscape of unknown…
Yet with faith for a better world!

 We hope to see you on Zoom! 
Your participation helps Yoga Northwest stay alive! Love your support!


We look forward to helping you Transform your Life this Winter with increased

Flexibility  –  Core Strength  –  Balance  –  Vibrant Energy  –  Mental Focus  –  Inner Peace

“Fun and educational classes, interactive teachers, very personable, very personal! Big love!” Christina Morgan