Ingela’s Yoga Vacations

Ingela’s Yoga Vacations

Ingela loves to take people on active yoga adventures to exotic places around the world to give people new fun experiences with different cultures, people and natural settings. The daily practice of yoga will awaken your senses and open your heart for a deeper soul to soul connection with new people, traditions and environments. And when you add hiking, biking and kayaking to the yoga adventure, you will experience a greater intimacy with the country you are visiting in a more fun, energetic and interactive way. You’ll return home with an invigorated yoga practice, new friends and sweet memories!

In the past 10 years, Ingela has guided 15-20 people each year to Panama, Vietnam, Bali, Sweden and Bhutan. You can check out pictures from our previous trips below.

Ingela’s Next Yoga Adventure:



A 13 Day Adventure with Ingela Abbott, June 20 – July 2, 2023

Do you want something fun, new and exciting to look forward to?
Join Ingela for an Experience of a lifetime to her home country:
the Land of the Midnight Sun.

– Hike above the Arctic Circle under the Midnight sun, celebrating Mid-Summer Night’s Eve with reindeer and flowers in your hair

– Do yoga on a private island in the Stockholm Archipelago, kayak in the Baltic Sea, and warm up your bones in a 300 year-old sauna

– Bike on quiet country roads with few cars, relax on white sandy beaches and enjoy freshly baked pastries from the local bakeries

Our adventure starts right above the Arctic Circle where we will hike in expansive alpine scenery with reindeer and peaceful solitude, breathing in fresh arctic air, and drinking freely from life-energizing rivers.

Learn about the Lapland Sami culture and experience the healing and rejuvenating effect of a traditional sauna with a dip in a crystal clear lake.

Start each day with dynamic and heart opening yoga and end with soothing restorative poses.
Our Swedish cooks will feed us delicious gourmet food, fresh fish and home baked bread daily.

After 5 days above the Arctic Circle…you will travel South by train and do yoga on our own private little island in the Stockholm Archipelago, midst 28,000 islands!!!…without cars and just the Baltic Sea surrounding us with a soothing breeze and gentle waves.

In the evening warm up your bones in the 300 year old sauna. Experience total tranquility while exploring the depth of yoga with breath, gratitude and expanded awareness, moment by moment… Between yoga sessions you can Kayak the shores or relax on the beach with a book.

After Idöborg, take a foot ferry to Utö; a larger island, where you can enjoy the freedom of biking with few cars, along sweet country roads, with small farms, old churches, white beaches and great restaurants and bakeries!

On your last day in Sweden, visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world,
Stockholm, sitting on 14 islands, connected with 57 bridges,
700 hundred years old churches, buildings and stunning beauty and history!

Ingela is looking forward to share her love of Sweden with You!

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Full Amount Due March 1st, 2023
Pay in full by January 1, 2023
And get $100 off!

For more information and to sign up,
please email us.

The fee is for shared occupancy.
Refunds possible before March 1st (minus $500 nonrefundable deposit).
After March 1st, refunds only available if your space can be filled from the waitlist.

Flight Preparations:

  1. Fly into Stockholm- We will meet at Scandic Continental Hotel at 3pm on June 20th, with a welcome drink and dinner at 6pm.
  2. Plan on leaving Sweden on July 2nd. Or add a few extra days on your own.
  3. Icelandic Air has some of the best prices, easy transfers, and times for departures. If you’re planning on checking your luggage, make sure the price includes baggage fees.
  4. You will receive more details and a full itinerary after you pay your deposit!
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