In-Studio Guidelines

Welcome Back to our in- studio classes
at Yoga Northwest

Here are our current COVID-19 Guidelines

At Yoga Northwest Your Safety is of primary importance to us! Below are our current guidelines to help you come and practice yoga with us in a safe and clean environment together with other conscientious and mindful people.

Proof of vaccination is required

All students, teachers and employees entering the Yoga Northwest studio are required to show a proof of Covid-19 vaccination.

How do I show a proof of vaccination?

1. You can simply show your vaccination card or a copy of it when you arrive to class. Come 10 min early. We will register your vaccination status in our system with a “V”.

2. You can also email us a copy of your vaccination card to We will delete your email, after your status has been confirmed.

3. You only have to show your vaccination status once.

I have a medical condition that prevents vaccination

1. A doctors note is required and need to be sent to 3 days prior to the class you are attending.

2. Students with medical conditions need to show a proof of a negative Covid-19 test taken within the last 7 days, to enter our studio on a continual basis.

Don’t come to class if:

1. You have been diagnosed with Covid-19

2. Have symptoms of Covid-19, runny nose, cough, fever, sore throat, or other flu like symptoms

3. Or have had contact with a person of Covid-19

4. And are still within the required 14 day quarantine

5. Or have travelled and don’t have a negative test

Face masks are currently mandatory

Smaller classes with social distance

We are currently only allowing 8 students in each class with a 8 feet distance between mats.

Preregistration necessary- No Drop-ins

1. To help control our class sizes, it’s important to pre-register for each class. If the class is full, you will not be charged, but will be put on a waiting list and informed of any cancellations.

2. If you have registered for an in-studio class, but can’t make it, it’s super important that you cancel the class a minimum of 2 hours before class, to give another student your space in class.

Increased Ventilation System

We have installed a high powered air filtration system that is running 24 hours, day and night. We also keep windows open as the weather permits. Wear layers :).

Increased Cleaning Measures

All high touch areas are sanitized before and after class. All chairs and yoga blocks are also sanitized after class.

What props do I need to bring?

  1. You ONLY need to bring your yoga mat, a yoga belt and a bath towel. The bath towel you can place over our blankets and bolsters for protection. You are still welcome to bring your own props as needed.
  2. We have yoga mats, belts and “Yoga Mat Bags” available for sale in our yoga Boutique.
  3. As the weather is getting a little more wet!!!….we have convenient yoga mat bags that are weather proof for sale that will fit your mat, towel and belt conveniently.

Here is an example of how you can carry your Mat, Belt & a Clean Bath Towel
in a Mat Bag available in our Yoga Northwest Boutique!

Mat Rentals Available!

If you come to class without a yoga mat, you can rent one of our studio yoga mats for $5! We also have yoga mats available for sale in our Yoga Boutique.


Finding parking close to the studio is currently a little challenging at different times of the day. But, if you park a few minutes away, you get the opportunity to walk some extra minutes to the studio, giving your body, mind and heart some well deserved exercise, breath and fresh air, which will warm you up for yoga!!

We look forward to seeing your happy faces back
in our In-Studio classes to help restore warmth and energy
to our Beautiful and Peaceful Yoga Northwest Studio!