Erica Quam

intentional – practical – dynamic

Erica Quam

intentional – practical – dynamic

I have been doing yoga since 1993 as a swimmer at Indiana University.  Our college coach had us do yoga as part of our training – and we loved it.  My favorite pose was savasana!  I first started doing Iyengar-style yoga at Washington State University during lunch as part of their faculty and staff wellness program.  It was the first time any instructor had ever corrected me in a pose and I felt a huge difference!  I started regular classes in 2005 twice a week at the Moscow Yoga Center in Idaho and began my home practice. In 2015, I passed the second stage of the assessment process to became a fully certified Iyengar instructor.

I first started teaching yoga to my swimmers as the Head Swim Coach at Washington State University in 2008. I also taught a beginning yoga class at a fitness center in Pullman.

I love to do yoga because it helps me connect to the quiet place inside – it grounds and centers me. Yoga has helped me heal when I have been injured.  Yoga has helped quiet my mind so I can truly appreciate the simple joys of life in the moment.

I love to teach because I love helping people tap into their own true potential.  I enjoy watching students as they become aware of their own progress and when they notice the benefits of yoga.  I am filled with gratitude to be able to teach and continue to search for different ways to guide others.

Apart from teaching yoga my wife and I run our own businesses. Kerry is a certified athletic trainer and massage therapist at PRiME: Massage and Sports Medicine. My business is called the Coaching Experience. I work with athletic coaches to help them become the leaders they are meant to be in all areas of their life. I emphasize personal development, leadership development, team building, and self-care.

During the summers I lead an occasional backpacking trip for NOLS and get away to our family cabin on Waldron Island. I love the outdoors and hike, ski, mountain bike, or kayak with my wife, Kerry and our dog Kaia every chance we get. I also still hop in the pool or the lake for a swim every now and then.

“Erica has an encouraging teaching style along with a gentle sense of humor. My life is on a different path since starting classes at Yoga Northwest. Erica has encouraged me to move forward in my life with stronger confidence and clarity.” –Deborah Moore

Erica teaches:

Dynamic I, Tuesdays,  11-12:30 pm

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