Denise Weeks

thorough – innovative – perceptive

Denise Weeks

thorough – innovative – perceptive

I started taking Iyengar Yoga classes at Yoga Northwest when I moved to Bellingham in 2000, and I never stopped, and I am still a student. As I gradually moved from Level I to Level II/III, I started attending weekend workshops, reading the Yoga Sutras, and I even took a teacher training course with Ingela.

I had no desire to teach yoga at that time; I was just enjoying diving more deeply into my ongoing passion. Besides, I was already teaching for a living. I have a Ph.D. in English and was an adjunct faculty member at Western Washington University, teaching mostly technical writing and an occasional writing about literature class. Grading and planning, raising my son with my husband, Paul, gardening, walking the dog, visiting with my mom, and dedicating time to a daily yoga practice all kept me plenty busy. Then one day something shifted. In 2005, Ingela asked if I’d like to teach, and I said yes. Who knew?

I added teaching yoga class to everything else I was doing, and then something else shifted. Priorities? Life goals? It’s not always easy to pinpoint a reason behind a turning point. I decided to stop teaching at the university and devote myself more fully to teaching yoga. I soon began to work toward Iyengar Yoga Certification (a three year process of study, working with senior teachers, and taking two separate exams, one year apart, on yoga philosophy, anatomy, and yoga asana, or postures), and in 2008 I was certified at the Introductory Level. In 2014 I took the next step and passed the Intermediate Junior I assessment exam.

Now I teach classes at five different levels, from Gentle II to Dynamic II. I love the range of insights that Iyengar Yoga offers, from simple discoveries about what our bodies can do, to mental and spiritual insights, those delicious “ah ha” moments that keep us coming back for more. I am always humbled by my students’ willingness to open themselves up to this path despite their challenges, and I love Iyengar Yoga all the more for its ability to meet individuals where they are.

Besides being a teacher, I am also a writer, a copyeditor, and a caregiver for my mother. I also love walking the beautiful trails of Bellingham with friends and Longshanks, my Corgi, and I enjoy a good epic adventure now and again. The latest: a trip with my husband to Rome, India (to study in Pune at the Iyengar Yoga Institute), and Portugal! You can follow my adventures here.

“Denise has given me just the right amount of foundation, curiosity, and a sense of adventure to allow me to travel further than I had thought possible on my yoga journey. Thank you!” Annette Smith

“One of the things I enjoy about Denise’s teaching is her sense of humor and lightness: fun sessions and excellent instruction! I also very much delight in her thoughtful philosophy talks.” Tom Hahney

Denise Teaches: 

Dynamic I,  Fridays, 12-1:30pm
Gentle Yoga II, Wednesdays, 2-3:30pm

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