Join Ingela Abbott for a Magical
Yoga Hiking Biking Sweden Adventure
Above the Arctic Circle, Under the Midnight Sun
June 15- June 26

12 days Adventure of a Lifetime!!


Come hike in expansive alpine scenery with reindeer and solitude. 
Breathe in fresh arctic air and drink freely from life-energizing rivers.

Learn about the Lapland Sami culture and experience the healing and rejuvenating effect of a traditional sauna with a dip in a crystal clear lake.


Start each day with dynamic and heart opening yoga and end with soothing restorative yoga. Our Swedish cooks will feed us delicious gourmet food, fresh fish and home baked bread daily.

After 5 days above the Arctic Circle…you will travel South by train and do yoga on our own private little island in the Stockholm Archipelago, midst 28,000 islands!!!…without cars and just the Baltic Sea surrounding us with a soothing breeze and gentle waves.


In the evening warm up your bones in the 300 year old sauna. Experience total tranquility while exploring the depth of yoga with breath, gratitude and expanded awareness, moment by moment… Between yoga sessions you can Kayak the shores or relax on the beach with a book.

After Idöborg, take a foot ferry to Utö; a larger island, where you can enjoy the freedom of biking without cars, along sweet country roads, with small farms, old churches, white beaches and great restaurants! 

IMG_4522 (2)

On your last day in Sweden, visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world,
Stockholm, sitting on 14 islands, connected with 57 bridges,
with 700 hundred years old churches, buildings and stunning beauty and history!

I am super excited to share with you the love of my home country.
Hope you can join me!!!! 


Sign Up by February 15th with a $500 deposit and

get $300 off ($2899 after deposit)

Deposit $500  


 Full Amount  $2899  
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Full Amount $3699   


Pay Balance $3199   
Full Amount Due by May 1st

All fees are for Shared Occupancy.

Early Registration Payment Plan Available with Predated Checks or Credit Card

(3 x $967 after deposit,  Mar 1st, Apr 1st, May 1st)  

For more info call 360-647-071

Flight Preparations: 
1. Fly into Stockholm- We will meet at Af Chapman at 3pm on June 15th, with a welcome dinner at 6pm.

2. Plan on leaving the earliest on late afternoon or evening of June 26th. Or add a few extra days on your own. 

3. Most flights are cheaper from Vancouver BC. If you’re planning on checking your luggage, make sure the price includes baggage fees. 

4. More details and Full Itinerary coming soon!