Workshops 2020

Stress Resiliency with Kate and Isabel

4/17 2-4 pm PST on Zoom

The Antidote to Stress is both Safety and Slowing Down.

Come learn how Safety in Relationship, Personal and Social, is biologically Emphasized in our Autonomic Nervous System, and how Slowing Down gives us direct Access to each present moment.
The importance of Safety directly applies to our yoga practice in innumerable ways.
In order to grow and evolve, we thrive in settings of Acceptance, Empathy, and Playfulness- all key elements that Tonify theVagal Nerve.
Learn simple, practical techniques to deepen your relationship with yourself in your yoga practice and off your mat.


$40 / $35 – Members 

Includes Recording that lasts for 1 month. 

Note: If you can’t participate in the live session
you can still sign up
and get a recording that lasts for 1 month.



About Isabel

I’m a Women’s Digestive Health Educator. I empower women with a simple and straightforward framework to understand their digestive health.  It allows them to decipher and understand what foods, spices, and daily habits bring them greater balance.

About Kate

I began yoga in Bellingham in 2006 and was instantly struck by the potency of the practice. Each time I come to my mat, I’m so very grateful to be alive in my body, the learning is endless.
So many benefits have come from teaching, one of the biggest- is the connection I’ve made with the Bellingham yoga community. My practice is infused with the inspiration of mentors, teachers, & dear students in this community, which is infinitely enriching.