“My class absolutely meets my needs – I always grow in some new way, and am always learning about my mind, body and health! I am in my best shape and have less pain than ever! I thank my teacher and Yoga Northwest for making my life better.”       Roberta North

“What I enjoy the most about my class is my teacher’s detailed instructions, his dedication, kindness and encouraging methods. I feel more relaxed, and have more motivation to do other physical activities and more yoga!”   Bunny Starbuck

“My teacher has an intuitive way of conducting the class with genuine compassion and deep wisdom. I am a new man now thanks to Yoga Northwest and my body and mind have a new cooperative relationship.” 
Thomas Stanley

“When I’m in class I always feel that this is so good for me: the people, the time for myself, the challenge. I’ve lost weight, and become more muscular. I am more confident in my body. The class reinforces my efforts to be balanced spiritually.”     Annie Naismith

“Since I have MS, yoga has helped my balance and strength, which benefits my whole body.  I have better flexibility, am mentally clearer, more focused and aware, and feel spiritually enriched.”      Donna Davis

“My teacher brings a positive energy to every class. She’s helpful and compassionate. I really enjoy learning something useful in every class and have grown physically, mentally and spiritually.”       Tricia Jones

“I look forward to class every week; my teacher’s cheerful personality and the inspiring insights shared weekly. The classes help calm my mind and increase my sense of well-being.”         Scott Conron

“Every week, no matter what state my mind/body is in, it seems like my teacher knows exactly what I need during that class and I feel so much better afterward!”     Amy Cheadle

“My class absolutely meets my needs! I love the personal adjustments addressing my problem areas and my teacher’s calming energy.  I feel uplifted, both mentally and physically, when I walk out the door!”     
Carole Gainor

“My class is a totally engaging combination of work, therapy and pleasure where I experience a sense of calm and improved strength and agility. I can depend on finishing a class without having hurt myself. I love my teacher’s attitude, her respect for limits and her ability to imagine what we are experiencing as we go through the poses.”        Pam Brownell

“My teacher is amazing. She manages to provide a calming atmosphere while providing a good workout at the same time. I have learned to decrease my anxiety by quieting my mind and being in my body.”       Shellane Jensen

“I enjoy my class from start to finish, especially now that my lower back is better, and my hamstrings more flexible. Also my posture has improved and I usually have to adjust the rear mirror, when I drive home from class.”      
Evan Jones

“In every class I get just what I need, even though I couldn’t put into words what it is I needed.  I love  the challenges in each class; learning new poses and working and refining old ones, sweating and breathing deeply and working my legs and toes.  I find I am able to move with more flexibility. I sleep better because I am learning how to open my chest and get more air. I’m a nicer person!”      Alison Fykerud

“I so enjoy being in prenatal yoga class with other pregnant women and preparing my body and being for labor. I love moving and doing poses that help me feel better in my body. So much of my day is spent filled with awkwardness and feeling uncomfortable, and prenatal yoga helps me realize that I can still move gracefully.”       Lindsay Kershner

“Yoga Northwest is the best.  My physical strength has increased this past year along with more flexibility. I like the inspiring talks in the beginning class, enjoy the other students in class and feel great when I leave.”  
Richard Dole