Fees and Payment Plan

At Yoga Northwest we offer classes quarterly, similar to a university schedule, with 11 week sessions.
The classes progress gradually from week to week with in-depth instruction and personal guidance.
Our expert instructors will help you practice yoga safely with alignment, breath and awareness,
adapting the poses to individual need and ability. This mindful way of practicing yoga is a skill
that will also enhance your daily life, sports, and activities with increased energy, balance and inner peace!



You may join our quarterly session anytime and make-up the classes missed.
However, if you are new to yoga or new to Iyengar yoga,
it is advisable to join within the first three weeks for your safety, clarity and comfort. 

New Student fees for 11 Week Session
*New students receive $20 off when you pay in the studio or over the phone!

1x / week  $140*        ($12.70 / class)
2x / week  $240*        ($10.90 / class)
3x / week  $340*        ($10.30 / class)

Returning Student fees for 11 Week Session
*Returning students can pay online, over the phone or in the studio. 

1x / week  $160*        ($14.50 / class)
2x / week  $260*       ($11.80 / class)
3x / week  $360*        ($10.90 / class)

Payment Plan:

3 monthly payments over the course of one of our 11 week sessions. 
Either provide 3 post-dated checks, or a credit card number.

Drop-In Fees:

You are also welcome to drop into one of our classes if you have a strong practice
from any other school of yoga and are without injury. 
Please arrive early to introduce yourself and inform the instructor of any physical ailments or special needs. 

Drop-In: 1.5 hr  $20 / class

Drop-In: 2 hr     $25 / class

Add-On Fees:

If you are already registered for classes and would like more Yoga,
you can attend any class similar to your level and pay an Add-On fee:

Add-On: 1.5hr   $15 / class

Add-On: 2hr      $18 / class


 “As leaves move in the wind, your mind moves with the breath.”  B.K.S. Iyenga