Fees and Payment Plan

At Yoga Northwest we offer classes quarterly, similar to a university schedule, with 10-12 week sessions. The classes progress gradually from week to week with in-depth instruction and personal guidance. 

Fees for our 10 & 12 Week Sessions


1.5 Hour Classes:

10-Week Session   12-Week Session  
 1x / week  $140  1x / week $160
 2x / week  $240  2x / week $260
 3x / week  $340  3x / week  $360

1 Hour Classes:

10-Week Session 12-Week Session
1x / week $110  1x / week $130
2x / week $210  2x / week $230
3x / week $310  3x / week  $330

You can always sign up for our classes in the first six weeks of the quarter and then make-up classes missed (after that check with the office).

Payment Plan:
3 monthly payments over the course of one of our 10 or 12 week sessions.  Either provide 3 post-dated checks, or a credit card number.



Drop-In Policy & Fees:

You are also welcome to drop into one of our classes if you have a strong practice from any other school of yoga and are without injury. 
Please arrive early to introduce yourself and inform the instructor of any physical ailments or special needs. 

Drop-In: 1 hr     $15 / class

Drop-In: 1.5 hr  $17 / class

Drop-In: 2 hr     $22 / class


Add-On Policy & Fees:

If you are already registered for classes and would like more Yoga, you can attend any class similar to your level and pay an Add-On fee:

Add-On: 1 hr     $10 / class

Add-On: 1.5hr   $12 / class

Add-On: 2hr      $16 / class


Prorate Policy & Fees:

If you can’t join us for a full session, but would still like to sign up for more than one class, we offer a Prorated Class Fee when you sign up for 2 or more classes.

Prorate: 1 hr     $12 / class

Prorate: 1.5 hr  $15 / class

Prorate: 2 hr     $20 / class


 “As leaves move in the wind, your mind moves with the breath.”  B.K.S. Iyengar