Fundraiser for “RAICES”

Help reunite immigrant children with their families.


RAICES is a Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services.

Currently, RAICES is helping to unite children with their parents, who were forcefully separated at the border in the last two months. They have already received 20 Million dollars in donations to support their process for family reunification, legal services, bonds and travel expenses. RAICES are now aiming for 25 Million dollars in donations to successfully bring all the 3,000 children back together with their parents. 

Although recent news has shown that families are no longer being separated, still thousands of asylum seeking families might remain in detention centers indefinitely, unless outside help is provided by RAICES and other humanitarian organizations like them. 

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Awaken your peaceful warrior, open your heart 
and fight for justice with courage and love for all humanity.


Yoga is a humanitarian practice inviting every human being into a life of harmony and peace. We believe separating children from their families at our boarders is beyond politics and is a humanitarian crisis. Families belong together.

Here is some information regarding refugees and asylum seekers.

  • Most of the 3,000 refuge families separated at the border in the last two months are from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. These are countries that the United Nations Children’s Fund reports have experienced sustained gang violence, political instability and poverty.
  • Asking for asylum at the border is not a criminal felony.
  • Charging an asylum seeker with a criminal offense and separating parents with children is not executed anywhere else in the world.
  • Giving parents an ultimatum that they can only be reunited with their kids if they cancel their request for asylum and return back home to violence and poverty is unacceptable.
  • Between October 2017 and May 2018, 99.75% of the family units that were apprehended at the boarder were not linked to any fraud.
  • Undocumented Immigrants crossing the US border is a misdemeanor and is not a criminal felony. Stealing children from refugee parents at the border is criminal.
  • Sending 3,000 children around the country without tracking information is insane. (even Fed-Ex is better than our US government in tracking their packages)
  • Out of the 3,000 immigrant children that have been separated from their parents at the border, 81 children were sent to Bethany Christian Services in Michigan. This foster care facility receives $700/day for each child. This comes to $56,700/day, and $1.7 million a month to keep these 81 children housed away from their parents. Bethany Christian Services have million dollar ties to Betsy DeVos’s family.
  • Housing, transporting and watching over migrant children is a billion dollar industry, run by private contractors and private prison contractors using our tax dollars.
  • Private prisons and detention centers are now receiving $775 per day from our government (our tax dollars) to keep each child in a tent city. (Multiply that by 1,000 kids, which is $775,000; a day. And $282.8 million a year. That is a very good income for the private prison contractors who are using our tax dollars while imprisoning children.)
  • The private prisons mainly host immigrant detainees. Many prisoners work for a $1/day doing maintenance at the prison including cooking and cleaning.
  • Private prisons stocks have gone up 100% since January 2017.
  • Our Attorney General has stocks in private prison companies.
  • And the private prison contractors were one of the main financial contributors to one presidential candidate in 2016.