William Prelle


I started practicing yoga in 1975, guided by Richard Hittleman’s 28 Day Yoga Programmed Course. Since then I have had many inspiring teachers, including Bob and Linda Boudreaux-Smith, Felicity Green, Ingela Abbott, and Mr. Iyengar’s daughter, Geetaji, to name just a few. After completing a teacher training apprenticeship with Ingela, I began teaching at Yoga Northwest in 1994 and consider this work a joy and a privilege.

 Through teaching, I have learned to speak with more clarity and simplicity when defining the actions required by each asana, or physical posture. I weave words together that will spark a spirit of inquiry, and I celebrate each student’s path of self-discovery.

 My own practice is a path rich in discovery and devotion. It reveals essence within form, and cultivates clarity and compassion in my body, heart, and mind. However I begin, my asana practice fulfills a guiding healing principle: “Positive change can begin immediately.” Yoga is a self-caring discipline through which I learn to take the best care of myself.

This lesson is especially important in my work as a massage therapist. All of my yoga experience nourishes and empowers my labor-intensive practice of therapeutic massage. For 34 years, my beloved wife, Cheryl Hockett-Prelle, and I have helped thousands of people through our hands-on work at Fairhaven Massage and Therapy Center. Pranayama, the practice of controlled breathing, has helped my work retain vitality, clarity, and tranquility, and the jewel of breath awareness guides and nourishes every action I make in any massage treatment.

Love takes many forms. I love to eat, I love my own healthy cooking, and I love all the gifts of living in this peaceful place on earth, including beaches and trails to walk along and the invitation of Lake Padden. Three years ago I swam butterfly from the tennis courts to the Padden Creek dock. And I loved paddling the canoe leg of the Ski to Sea Race for Yoga NW, placing 96 of 425 canoe teams on our first time out. I love standing near any body of water, observing light and wind dancing on water, drinking in that light. Ooh! And I love poetry.

 “I come into the presence of still water, and for a time I rest in the grace of this world, and I am free.”
Wendell Berry – “The Peace of Wild Things”


“William’s teaching is excellent. His attention to detail is great.” –Andrea Albi

“Thank you, William. My first experience with yoga has been enjoyable and instructive. I particularly appreciated the clarity, the attention to safety and the poems for refection.” –Cherie Lashway