Leslie Lekos


I began taking classes here at Yoga Northwest in 2000, and I am so thankful that I did. I would be a completely different person if I hadn’t. I remember bending forward in Uttanasana during one of my first classes and thinking to myself, “How is everyone else doing this? Is it really possible to lean all the way forward and let my neck totally relax?” Now I know that it is! The precision and acute awareness to alignment that Iyengar Yoga teaches me has made many challenging poses both possible and enlightening. I am continually discovering what my body needs. In 2013, I passed the second part of the assessment process and became a fully certified Iyengar teacher.

My yoga practice brings me quietness and peace, and it helps me center and become ever more present to the amazing gift of life. I am a certified doula, lactation consultant, and childbirth educator, and I am the very proud mother of two little boys, Kosta and Salish. In the prenatal classes that I teach, I have a strong passion to support and empower women to trust their innate wisdom through pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.

I am also an herbalist and owner of Wildroot Botanicals, a local herb company, and I have a degree in Somatics and Herbology. Somatics is a relatively new field that believes that body and mind are not separate. This idea, of course, applies directly to yoga. The body stores memory and our experiences lodge in and define the make-up of our body. Freedom from restrictions in the body and mind is fundamental in this work so that the individual can function and thrive at their full potential, with self-regulation and independence within their environment.

I ethically wildcraft and grow herbs on our farm, where I make teas and floral waters, and specialize in herbs for the childbearing years that sell at local shops and stores across the country. I feel so lucky that I have a job where I have to walk through the woods!

I am madly in love with my sons, and together we love being outdoors, hiking in the mountains, and gardening. Some of our favorite moments are outside, listening to the wisdom of our natural world. We are passionate about growing much of our own food; we raise chickens and make cheese from our goats’ milk, and we look forward to keeping bees soon. In all our activities, we continue to refine our ability to lower our footprints and become more and more sustainable.