Pursuing Happiness through Yoga

I started practicing yoga in 2002 in Pensacola, FL when I joined the Navy and started flight school. I was drawn to yoga for the balance of strength and flexibility it offers, but I’ve continued practicing for the past seventeen years for the spiritual benefits. Through the good and bad times of life, love and heartbreak yoga has helped me take care of my body and mind.

I first started teaching yoga onboard Navy ships to friends and coworkers during deployments. Space was limited onboard the ship, so we had a hard time finding enough room and quiet to support our practice. Luckily the ship’s Chaplin overhead a conversation and offered the chapel as a practice space. He said, “Your practice belongs in the chapel. Yoga is not just exercise, but also a spiritual tradition.” He was right. I look forward to sharing the practice that helped us through our long Navy deployments.

In each of my classes you will experience a whole yoga practice including chanting, asanas, guided deep relaxation, pranayama and meditation. Join me for a moving meditation that will help you access your inner peace and joy.