Yoga Northwest Newsletter

We have lots of new faces here at Yoga Northwest and many new opportunities for you to deepen your practice. Expand your horizons; try something new this spring!

New Office Manager

Debora Riber, a Brazilian world traveler who lived in Africa for a decade, is putting down roots in Bellingham and has joined the Yoga Northwest team as our new office manager. Debora is taking Kate LaSpina’s Vinyasa Class as well, and finding out how Iyengar Yoga can bring depth and awareness to her practice.

Welcome Debora when you’re in the studio and connect with her on one of her many interests: people, culture, language, wellness, and … puzzles! Currently she and her family have five Star Wars puzzles going and are running out of flat surfaces.


New Gentle Yoga/Backcare Instructor

Need gentle yoga to recuperate from an injury? Are you looking for someone who understands what recovery feels like? Meet Greg Schultz, our new Gentle Yoga/Backcare I instructor.

Greg comes with a rich background in sports, massage, and yoga therapeutics. Using yoga to recover from a back injury himself, Greg knows the power of this practice and what it can help you achieve. He loves the physical practice as well as the philosophy behind it, meditation, chanting, and the power of the breath. Join Greg on Tuesday afternoons at 2 to learn more about his thoughtful and humor-filled approach to health and healing.

New Sunday Morning Class

For a fun way to get your weekend yoga in, try the new Sunday morning class from 8-9 a.m. with one our enthusiastic teachers in training: Darcey Maher Peterson, Alicia Ping, and Donell Johnson. These hour-long classes will get your day started with a simple, well rounded practice. Enjoy the variety of personalities our teachers in training bring to the studio and learn new tips and perspectives on your practice.

The studio will open at 7:45, and the classes are just $5 each—cash only. For students who have 3+ months of Dynamic I experience or higher, with no acute injuries.

New Opportunity to Take the Trip of a Lifetime

Sign up now to join Ingela Abbott on her second Yoga Hiking Biking Bhutan Adventure. This 9-day, 8-night adventure, from Oct. 29 – Nov. 6, 2019, will give you the opportunity to hike up to temples nestled in stone at 10,000 feet, bike along quaint country roads, do yoga in peaceful settings, and meet the happiest people in the world. Share the trip with someone you love! Spouses and friends who don’t do yoga are welcome to join; participation in the daily yoga sessions is completely optional.

Ingela has guided many yoga adventure trips around the world, and this will be her third trip to Bhutan, “The land of the Thunder Dragon.” Last year’s travelers had this to say about their trip:

“Ingela’s adventure yoga trip to Bhutan was well-organized, exhilarating, and fun! From rafting the beautifully pristine river of Pochu, to mountain biking through rice fields and rural villages, to hiking through lovely trees to temples where our funny and knowledgeable guides provided a wealth of cultural and religious stories, history, and insights … it was truly a fantastic experience! Our group bonded over birds, beer, ballads, and bonfires; we soaked in rustic herbal baths with hot stones straight from the fire, sang into the night harmonizing,
and never wanted it to end!” – Drue Robinson

“The guides truly went out of their way to make sure we were having a good time and getting the most out of our trip. They seemed to really enjoy sharing their country with us along with their customs and beliefs.” – Joann Steidl

“We loved it all! It was truly a trip of a lifetime. The country, the culture, the guides were all amazing. The sites we saw and places we visited were astounding. Practicing yoga in those serene settings made it magical. And the biking and the rafting were a blast! After the hustle and bustle of all the sightseeing and bus rides, the beautiful and tranquil trek was the perfect way to end the trip.” – Scott Hall

For more information and photos from last year’s trip click here.