Make-Up and Refund Policy

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Make-Up Policy

If you can’t make it to your regular class…

  • You can make up the classes missed at any time during the same session (11 weeks) and you can even come 2 or 3 times a week during the same session to make up several classes you have missed.

  • You may also make-up your classes in advance of an anticipated absence.

  • We have many Make-up classes available each week: for example, if you are a Level I student, you have 16 classes to choose from.

  • You must do make-ups in a class of the same level or lower. Arrive early to inform the instructor of any physical ailments/special needs.

  • Please check with your teacher, office, or website to ensure that the class has not been canceled due to workshops or other reasons.

  • If you have any physical ailments, challenges or are pregnant, please tell the teacher before class.

Refund Policy

Refunds (or credits) must be requested to the office before the third class. Thereafter, no refunds or credits are possible except for severe injuries and medical issues.

Refunds or credits will be calculated
from the date THE OFFICE IS NOTIFIED of withdrawal from your class(es).

Please contact Debora: 360.647.0712 or email: