Lourdes Benet



I took yoga for the first time at a health club and found it very soothing and calming.  Many years of dancing and aerobics had left me with some ailments, which yoga helped to eliminate.  

I started teaching yoga in 2008 at the Riverside Health Club where I also taught water and dance aerobics for 12 years.  After taking a 200 hour course at The Center for Yoga in Seattle, I was inspired to start my own studio in Mount Vernon, and have been teaching there for 3 years.

I love yoga, as it is very soothing for my soul and a discipline that guides me towards a harmonious way of living. I will always be a student of yoga, and although I didn’t start young, there is always room for me to grow and achieve all that yoga has to offer.

And I love to teach and share all the gifts of yoga I have received from many years of practice and to help others find their own journey towards a more peaceful life. Being involved with yoga and seeing people transform brings a smile to my face.

Apart from teaching yoga, I work as a Spanish Interpreter in the Judiciary /Medical fields. I love my Mexican culture of origin as well as my new life here in the US.  I currently also teach Yoga to victims of domestic violence at a shelter which helps put my life into perspective, teaches me the fragility of life, and the resilience of the human spirit.