Ingela Did It! 

She ran a marathon, 26.2 miles, as a fundraising for HomesNOW.

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HomesNOW is a non-profit organization in Bellingham, building Tiny Houses.
They are dedicated to helping homeless people get off the cold, wet streets this winter 
and into warm and safe Tiny Homes as a steppingstone back into a life of dignity. 

We’ve already raised $2,000 for HomesNOW.
Thank you to all of you who so generously donated money
to help make life better for our homeless community! 

We will keep our Prayer Wheel in the Yoga Northwest reception
open for donations for a few more weeks.
Please make all checks payable to HomesNOW.


We believe in HomesNOW and appreciate what they are doing for our community. 

Please see the statement below from Ingela about the recent upheaval at HomesNOW. 


Sad News about HomesNow and Good News Going Forward!

I am deeply disturbed by the news of the CEO’s alleged personal use of funds donated to HomesNow. He is the creator (and was the CEO of HomesNow until recently) building Tiny Houses for our homeless people to get off the cold and wet concrete this winter into a warm bed and safety; as a steppingstone back into a life of dignity. I can understand what this person has done, but it’s not acceptable and his misuse of funds should be accounted for.
For the last 2 years, he has tried to create his dream of Tiny Houses for Homeless people, as he once himself was homeless for 17 years. He has fought numerous times in City Council and County Council asking for a piece of land to be provided temporarily for his project. This late Spring the City finally approved his request and 22 Tiny Houses were built with volunteer help over the Summer. I am impressed with what the former CEO has created with the support of our Police department and our Mayor. He has worked passionately 24/7 many days and months without any organized pay. Maybe he felt he deserved some compensation for his hard work? Well, taking donated money for his personal use is not acceptable, but understandable. The organization with its board members should have allotted a certain percentage the CEO, which most other help organizations do in return for their relentless hours of charity. In general, most CEOs at smaller non-profit organizations get 5%-10% of the annual budget. Apparently, the CEO took $8,000 from $160,000 budget, which is equal to 5%. I’m not condoning his actions and he should have been more transparent. Well, I am very pleased to hear that HomesNow is continuing without the previous CEO, with a sharper oversight and ethical principles, and with the continued support of our Police department and our Mayor. And I feel very confident to keep donating funds to HomesNow!


Ingela Abbott.