First Class Reminders

Yoga Wear 
For your own comfort wear shorts, bike shorts, tights (without feet) or yoga pants and a tank top or T-shirt. No perfume please.

Empty Stomach  Come to class with an empty stomach.

Cell Phones   As a consideration to other students, turn off your cell phone.

Come on Time   Teachers begin each class with a special focus and warm-up for what follows. It’s unsafe and disruptive to come in late.

Special Needs   Be sure to let your teacher know about any injuries, physical ailments or medical conditions so that s/he can help modify poses for you.

Hands on Assist   If our teachers see that your body is out of alignment, they might help you with a hands on assist so you won’t strain your back, knees or shoulders and instead they will guide you to practive the yoga poses with greater balance, ease and positive transformation. If you prefer not to receive a hands on assist, please let us know before class and we will honot your space.

Contagious Conditions   Please don’t come to class if you have any contagious conditions. You are sharing the floor, props, and air with many other students. 

Personal Mat  You are welcome to bring your own mat. Please mark it with your name.

 “The long and uninterrupted practice of the asanas, done with awareness,
will bring success.” 

B.K.S. Iyengar