Class Descriptions

Level I LEVEL I classes introduce beginning Yoga students and students new to the Iyengar method, to a balanced program of flexibility, core strength, postural alignment, breathing, relaxation, and awareness.
Level I-II  LEVEL I-II classes are for students with 3 to 6 months experience in Iyengar Yoga who are steady and comfortable in the standing poses, “crazy dog” and shoulder balance. This class is also great for students who have a minimum of 6 months experience in any other school of Yoga, but are new to the Iyengar method, and are healthy, fit and without injury.
Level II LEVEL II classes are for students who can do full arm balance, shoulder balance, head balance, have a personal practice and 1 year of Yoga experience. Level II focuses on refining all the Yoga asanas and introduces deeper backbends.
Level II-III  LEVEL II-III is for students with a minimum of 2 years experience in Iyengar yoga, who have a personal practice and can do full arm balance, 5-minute head balance and shoulder balance each and are ready to explore deeper into the depth of Yoga.
Early Bird EARLY BIRD YOGA All Levels (I to II). Start the day with Yoga poses that will stretch, strengthen and invigorate your body and mind; preparing you for the day’s activity with centered and uplifting energy. This class meets two mornings a week and will help you establish as strong daily practice. 
Backcare I
GENTLE YOGA/BACKCARE I is for people with back, neck, knee or shoulder problems, are plus-sized, elderly, or weak and need a slow-paced class.
Backcare II
GENTLE YOGA/BACKCARE II is for students who have “graduated” from the gentle yoga/backcare class, but still need gentle exercises due to old injuries or physical restrictions.

PRENATAL YOGA offers a nurturing, informative environment to help prepare for birth. Through specifically developed poses and breathing techniques, women learn deep relaxation and gain strength and confidence for pregnancy, labor, and delivery. You can start or end our prenatal classes depending on where you are in your pregnancy. The fee can be prorated accordingly.

Restoratives RESTORATIVE YOGA focuses on poses to help students unwind, stretch, and breathe. The class includes various poses supported by bolsters and blankets that induce deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Everybody with at least 3 months yoga experience (Gentle II or higher) and no acute physical limitations are welcome.